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Chef De Cuisine (Head Chef)

Industry:- Hospitality

Location: Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The primary duties of a Chef de Cuisine include:

Ensuring that all food meets the highest quality standards and is served on time.

Planning the menu and designing the plating presentation for each dish

Coordinating kitchen staff, and assisting them as required

Hiring and training staff to prepare and cook all the menu items

Ensuring that all dishes are cooked well and presented in an aesthetically pleasing way

Organizing the kitchen, keeping constant track of everything that’s going on in the kitchen, responding to problems in a timely manner, and mentally keeping track of all the things that need to be done

Taking a hands-on approach and working alongside the kitchen staff

In charge of the hygiene of the kitchen following the HACCP regulations

The Chef de Cuisine will be in charge of managing and leading a team of kitchen staff to ensure that the restaurant runs effectively and efficiently. The Chef de Cuisine should be highly organized, well-managed and possess excellent leadership skills. They should also have a passion for food and the ability to produce high-quality dishes.