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F&B Manager

Industry:- Hospitality

Location: Thailand

General Scope of Role:

This position will be responsible for the Operations of all F&B outlets and areas for our
two properties, with the opportunity to grow to oversee all future F&B
Operations in new our hotels, restaurants and venues. On property will include to
events, restaurants, bars, The Exchanges, Room Service, Beach & Pool Areas. Ensuring that
all F&B products are of the highest standard and served professionally. As the most
critical for services are lunch and dinner, working hours are to match accordingly.

You Must Have:

  • Outgoing and positive character
  • Sufficient experience as F&B Manager or Restaurant Owner
  • Bachelor’s Degree in any Management related field
  • Proficiency in PMS Software
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English language
  • Understanding of F&B Revenue Management
  • Passion for working with people; both Guests and Employees

Responsibilities and KPI’S:-

  1. Achieve agreed targets for F&B spend per Guest per day.
  2. Achieve agreed Guest Feedback targets
  3. Achieve agreed Employee Feedback and Turnover targets
  4. Achieve agreed HOD Feedback targets
  5. Effectively manage all services and event.
  6. Effectively manage the Dept. Action Plan and all tasks set within.
  7. Ensure the upkeep, maintenance and continuous improvement of all F&B areas.
  8. Ensure all service related Products are controlled efficiently to minimize waste whilst
    always having sufficient for Guest needs.

Recruitment, Training and General HR

  • Calculate and control an efficient Manpower Budget.
  • Plan and organize weekly and monthly working schedules to suit events, etc.
  • Support HR in the recruitment of new Team members.
  • Review SOPs and develop property LSOPs for all aspects of F&B service and operations.
  • Create training plans to teach and implement LSOPs.
  • Actively support the Team with an ethos of “I do, we do, you do.”
  • Actively engage the Team in processes and actions of supportive Teamwork between
    Restaurant, Bar, Beach and Kitchen Teams.
  • Manage advancement and appraisal of the Team.
  • Actively reward and show appreciation for the top performers.
  • Achieve the highest levels of Team satisfaction and employee retention.

Guest Service

  • Take the lead as the Host for services and events (or assign and train an appropriate person).
  • Handle all Guest complaints personally with a mindset to find a positive solution for the
    Guest and review how to add/review LSOPs to prevent future occurrences where applicable.
  • Train and encourage the Team in Guest interaction and conversation.
  • Ensure Guests in all areas are attended to by the Team in a polite and friendly manner.

Purchasing and General Administration

  • Develop LSOPs with ACD for Bar & Restaurant Inventory Management and Stock Control.
  • Be responsible for Bar & Restaurant Inventory Management and Stock Control.
  • Develop network with local suppliers and artisans to improve quality & value of products.
  • Develop LSOPs for Bar & Restaurant health & hygiene in compliance with HACCP.
  • Schedule and lead daily F&B and Kitchen toolbox talks including one daily LSOP revisit.
  • Schedule and lead monthly F&B, Kitchen and Exec. Meetings and manage Dept. Action Plan.

Revenue and Department Performance

  • Develop LSOPs specific for each service time and event type to help up-service (up-sell) and
    create more opportunities to add services and generate revenue.
  • Manage the Menu Engineering and Costing of the Beverage Menu.
  • Support in the Menu Engineering and Costing of the Food Menus.
  • Manage the Budgeting and Financial Performance Review of all F&B Events.
  • Monthly P&L Review of F&B Performance along with Exec. Chef (or applicable Dept. HOD).
  • Monthly review of cost control and wastage reduction.
  • Monthly review and continuous development of events and services.

Development of Concepts, Services and Events

  • Lead in the continuous development of F&B concepts, facilities and services.
  • Work with Exec. Chef (or applicable Dept. HOD) to create a daily & weekly schedule of events,
    services and promotions. And be the lead to manage and execute these events.
  • Work with Exec. Chef (or applicable Dept. HOD) to create a calendar of monthly Pop-Up &
    Takeover Style special events. And be the lead to manage and execute these events.
  • Develop a network of local artists/performers/DJ/musicians to develop unique entertainment .

Personal Development with Brand Development

  • Develop a network of domestic and international celebrity Chefs, Mixologists, Musicians and
    Performers to continue and elevate our Pop-Up & Takeover Style special events.
  • Work with Exec. Chef (or applicable Dept. HOD) to create a calendar of Pop-Up & Takeover
    Style special culinary & mixology events at new partner venues in Phuket, Bangkok and other
    domestic and international locations. And be the lead to manage and execute these events.
  • Support the feasibility, operational planning and opening of our proposed new
    Restaurant in Bangkok in Q2-2024
  • Train and promote F&B Managers from within,

Salary:- In line with industry standards.

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