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General Manager – Destination Manager Company (DMC)

Industry:- Travel/Hospitality

Location: South Korea


To establish Korea as a new Inbound destination and grow a successful business
delivering high quality travel products and experiences for our Clients. You will build and grow a
team including all the elements of a fully functional travel company expected to become Korea’s
leading DMC focused on high-quality, international markets.


  • To lead or build and lead a management team capable of delivering high service standards
    and achieving long-term growth goals.
  • Work with the Destination BOD to develop strategies and set a business plan with clear goals
    and objectives aligned with the company vision. The GM must own the plan, make sure your
    team is clear, fully aligned on the goals and objectives and capable and motivated to deliver.
  • Your destination must always aim to create, distribute and promote sustainable experience-rich travel experiences and ensure our product always aims to be best-in-destination.
  • Ensure with the lightest possible impact on the environment and aim to create positive opportunities for communities, local people, staff and aspire to be a good example of showing how destinations can benefit from tourism. We aim to be the leading DMC at the forefront of responsible travel.
  • Create positive, enriching workplaces where our people have a clear sense of purpose so they feel and understand the positive impact their work has for their clients, the company and the environment. We always aim to develop a positive working culture where our people can learn and thrive and have the opportunity to do great work they can be proud of.
  • For our clients we want to continue developing the most enriching and satisfying experiences and to deliver excellent service always. When it comes to service delivery, we must always aim to be the #1 DMC in destination.
  • We are also developing technology that will allow us to work more efficiently, faster, smarter and scale our business. The GM must be part of the drive towards adopting and implementing technology and has a responsibility to lead change and improve processes.


  • Build and maintain an organization that is capable and empowered to deliver the expected
    services. In a comfortable and flexible/hybrid work environment managed in an
    environmentally friendly manner.
  • Provide regular check and balance our Staff welfare and happiness, roll-out satisfaction
    survey result and ensure staff participation.
  • Ensure staff onboarding processes and group level internal communications are functional
    and fully optimized
  • Work with the leadership team to plan and develop staff training programs that make sense
    for your destination.
  • Oversee recruitment and ensure equality and diversity are present in our recruitment and
    HR strategies.
  • Work closely with the Chief Purpose Officer to set and update processes that are aligned
    with the rest of the group.
  • Prepare annual budget by year-end for Board sign off
  • Deliver Monthly Financial reporting package to CEO/COO/CFO/. Includes:
  • Monthly P+L Financial accounts: P+L actual against budget, Updated Balance Sheet, Updated CFF ( all with comments from Finance Manager)
  • Monthly written report (Quarterly in more detail)
  • Make sure IT infrastructure and resources are cost efficient and allow for a smooth and
    productive work environment (e.g. review Tourplan license need, server upgrade, etc.).
  • Ensure operations staff follow correct procedures and provide best quality services for all clients arriving at their destination.
  • Monitor key agent performances and bookings. You are expected to stay in contact and on good terms with Top agents and closely monitor booking patterns in order to identify opportunities or problems at source.
  • Be ready to represent our and its values at travel trade shows, when required to attend.
  • Ensure internal teams are aligned with sales teams and in regular contact, while also ensuring communications are cordial, positive and productive.
  • Ensure all suppliers provide best and most responsible quality services for our clients are subject to regular quality, price and regulatory /compliance checks.
  • Negotiate with new and/or existing suppliers including, but not limited to, hotels, sub-agents, transport companies to ensure we select the most responsible ones in destinations and receives the best possible rates and the highest service standards.

The GM officially reports to the our Board of Directors, which includes the CEO,) and COO. The COO
is the direct line-reporting manager for each GM.
The GM will work closely and under guidance of the Leadership Team and will be in daily and weekly
contact with senior management. In addition there is a requirement to make a monthly written report
to the Board that will be shared with the our Leadership team and present at the company annual


  • You should have excellent knowledge of Korea as an Inbound destination
  • You are expected to keep yourself and your team fully aware of all developments in the
    regional travel business including, but not limited to, key destination information and
    developments such as new hotels, travel products, airline routes etc.
  • You are expected to keep yourself and your team fully aware of all developments within the
    organization including staff changes, new departments, new travel products and
    strategic focus.
  • You should be aware of all direct competitors and ensure that our services are superior in
    all departments to those of our competitors.
  • You should ensure that you are constantly building good relations with potential business
    partners whenever possible including key suppliers as well as clients and potential clients.

You will be expected to identify and attend local events that will strengthen these relationships such as, but not be limited to, networking functions, sales calls, road shows, seminars, training programs and trade events.

Required Qualifications:

  • Korean or Foreign national with excellent knowledge of Korea and Korean language
  • Graduate/ Post Graduate
  • Minimum 10 yrs. of experience in the Travel industry with minimum 3yrs of leading a large
  • Fluency in English must (verbal & written), knowledge of French (German or Spanish) will be
    an advantage.
  • Experience in using some type of Travel software and Database.
    Required Skills:
  • Understanding of the Korean travel market trends & comprehensive travel industry
  • Understanding customer needs and inclination towards customer service.
  • Strong organization and prioritization skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and good public speaking skills.
  • Leader with a positive and dynamic personality, able to adapt to different cultures.

Salary:- In line with industry standards.

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