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Health & Safety Manager

Industry:- Hospitality

Location: Phuket (Thailand)

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

Responsibilities:  Responsible for the conformity with all corporate, federal and local regulations related to Sanitation, Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental(OHSE) regulations, where as your role involves the implementation of HACCP & OHSE programs.


  • minimum 2 years of work experience in Managing EHS and Food Safety in hospitality industry.
  • NEBOSH IGC Certified and OSH(OSHAD) Practitioner course completed.
  • Expertise in HACCP and ISO Management systems in its implementation and certification.
  • Certified in Internal Auditing of HACCP, ISO and OSH Management Systems

Job Summary

This role will involve ensuring effective coordination and implementation of the Safety and Security Policy and Standards within the organization and related entities in Thailand. You will also play a vital role in driving systemic improvements in safety and security management and contribute to ensuring compliance with safety and security Minimum Standards at the country and entity levels.


Key Responsibilities

Security Management and Analysis:

  • Develop and share Security Risk Assessments and safety and security analyses.
  • Advise the Owner / General Manager / Resort Manager based on security assessments.
  • Coordinate information sharing with related entities in Thailand.
  • Liaise with authorities and report to the Owner / General Manager / Resort Manager
  • Monitor security events, incidents, and escalations.
  • Disseminate timely safety advisories and alerts.
  • Manage critical incidents, conduct post-incident analysis, and follow recommendations.
  • Participate in INGO security networks and support investigations.
  • Collaborate with compliance, counter-fraud, and safeguarding departments.

Policies, Procedures, and Documentation:

  • Establish effective safety and security procedures compliant with global standards.
  • Develop and update Safety and Security Management Plans.
  • Review and update security procedures for hotel operations [Back of House as well as Front of House].
  • Draft, review, and amend safety and security documents and plans.
  • Ensure international staff inclusion in evacuation and hibernation plans.
  • Ensure compliance with the safety and security Minimum Standards at the country and entity levels.


  • Identify and report gaps in adherence to security SOPs.
  • Prepare regular security reports for General Manager/ Resort Manager and regional office.
  • Review or prepare security incident reports.
  • Report all incidents through the reporting system.
  • Provide regular situational and standards reports.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response:
  • Develop emergency safety and security policies and procedures.
  • Implement security management in emergency response.
  • Conduct risk assessments and establish emergency security programs.
  • Provide support to security staff in emergency response.
  • Deliver security training for emergency response staff.

Training and Capacity Building:

  • Conduct crisis and incident management training
  • Enhance the skills and capacities of safety and security focal persons.
  • Provide training for all Resort employees.
  • Ensure mandatory safety and security training for all Hotel/ Resort staff.
  • Ensure all staff and visitors understand security SOPs.

Access, External Networking, and Relationships:

  • Ensure access to beneficiaries and deconfliction when concerns arise.
  • Develop networks with other hotels and resorts, NGOs, UN agencies, and donors.
  • Foster trust-based relationships with government and law enforcement.
  • Represent the organization and related entity in security meetings and forums.
  • Liaise with the regional office for support and advice.

II Job Summary

  • Taking lead and own all occupational safety, health and environment agendas within the hotel. Designing effective safety programs, monitoring safety compliance and reporting safety issues and progress to superiors. Safety officer must identify potential hazards and recommend solutions and ways to prevent them from reoccurring. Building safety working environment and creating sense of safety and loss prevention for all colleagues.
  • Adhere to the practice that everyone sells, everyone works in HR, everyone works in guest services and everyone is a loss prevention officer

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Provide consultation of legal requirements and its relevant activities on safety, occupational health and environment agenda.
  • To inspect and give recommendations to the employer to comply with the law on occupational safety, health and environment.
  • To analyse the work to indicate possible dangers, including to set and present preventive measures and procedures for working safely to the employer.
  • To assess the risks in the area of occupational safety.
  • To analyse work plans and projects, and as well as recommendations of every working unit; and to give advice on safety measures to the employer.
  • To inspect and assess the operation of the workplace to comply with the work plan and project, or occupational safety measures.
  • To give advice to the employees to follow the regulation and guidance as prescribed.
  • To give advice, teach and train the employees to work safely and without any risk of dangers.
  • Maintain a good working knowledge of the following:
  • Establish/Manage safety committee in the workplace; conduct and follow-up on all safety meetings, present to the management and report any authorities required.
  • Own the requirement of safety training; safety training for each level, tabletop training and etc.
  • Perform risk assessments, report results on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, as well as follow-up on the progress of safety issues to activate safety awareness and its functions across the property.
  • To examine and appraise the working conditions, or to work jointly with a person or an organization registered with the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare for certification, or to examine evidences, documents, and report of the inspection of working conditions in the workplace.
  • To give recommendations to the employer on the appropriate management of occupational safety in the workplace and develop it for ongoing efficiency.
  • To analyse and investigate the causes of accidents, illness or annoyance resulting from working of the employees, and make a report of the investigation, together with suggesting resolution, promptly to the employer.
  • To compile statistical data, analyse, make a report and to give recommendations on accident, illness or annoyance caused by working of the employees.
  • To conduct other occupational safety activities as assigned by the employer

Salary:- In line with industry standards

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