hotel recruitment

Purchasing Manager

Industry:- Hospitality

Location:- Phuket – Thailand

Job Description

Manage and control purchasing systems and procedures to continually improve the supply chain process, ensure cost effective contracting of products and services, and promote compliance internally with established standards.

Job Summary

  • Developing, leading and executing purchasing strategies.
  • Tracking and reporting key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness.
  • Crafting negotiation strategies and closing deals with optimal terms
  • Forecast price and market trends to identify changes of balance in buyer-supplier power.
  • Seek and partner with reliable vendors and suppliers.
  • Determine quality and timing of deliveries.
  • Control all Finance and Accounting expenses through careful use of all resources & promotes this to be one of the required habits among all colleagues.
  • Established and maintains good relations with other staff within the department and between others departments.

Required Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office
  • Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities.
  • Good writing skills


  • Forecasting levels of demand for services and products to meet the business needs and keeping a constant check on stock levels;
  • Conducting research to ascertain the best products and suppliers in terms of best value, delivery schedules and quality;
  • Liaising between suppliers, manufacturers, relevant internal departments and customers;
  • Identifying potential suppliers, visiting existing suppliers, and building and maintaining good relationships with them;
  • Negotiating and agreeing contracts and monitoring their progress, checking the quality of service provided;
  • Processing payments and invoices;
  • Keeping contract files and using them as reference for the future;
  • Forecasting price trends and their impact on future activities;
  • Giving presentations about market analysis and possible growth;
  • Developing an organisation’s purchasing strategy;
  • Producing reports and statistics using computer software;
  • Evaluating bids and making recommendations based on commercial and technical factors;
  • Ensuring suppliers are aware of business objectives;


  • Bachelor’s degree in Materials, Purchasing Management or related field.

  • 3 years related experience or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.