hotel recruitment

Recruitment & Development Manager


Location: Koh Samui Thailand



▪ Identify Dept. Vacancies and update all Recruitment Channels (internal and external). 

▪ Proactively seek new Recruitment Channels (internal and external). 

▪ Develop new Interview Processes to find the right candidates and showcase our company. 

▪ Conduct preliminary interviews or join HODs as appropriate. 

▪ Schedule and record all Interviews and coordinate the Onboarding process. 

▪ Perform detailed reference checks and provide reports to relevant HOD. 

▪ Ensure all Onboarders have everything they need to perform their job. 

▪ Offer support to all Onboarders in their personal lives for their move to join the company, showing particular care towards young and foreign persons. 

▪ Conduct all Orientations to clearly demonstrate the company culture and objectives. 

▪ Review and oversee Probation Assessments and Employee feedback sessions. 

▪ Survey local and international industry Benefits to ensure the company remains competitive and attractive to potential candidates and remain fair to existing Crew. 

Reporting and Administration 

▪ Employee Turnover Reports by Department. 

▪ Employee Feedback Reports. 

▪ Confidential filing of all Employee Contracts and additional Records; including promotions, salary history, warnings, education, and qualifications. 

Policy and Procedure Review 

▪ Ensure all P&Ps align with the overall goals and culture of the company. 

▪ Ensure all P&Ps are inline with updated Labor Law and International Standards. 

▪ Collect and review all Crew feedback to suggest updates to Policies and Procedures. 

▪ Review GE Guest Feedback Reports to help develop Service Crew Training priorities. 


▪ Develop training practices that are fun, engaging and easily digestible by Employees. 

▪ Plan and conduct General Hotel and HR Policy Updates. 

▪ Develop and support HODs in planning and submission of Training Plans and Reports. 

▪ Coordinate Government required training, including fire-safety, first-aid, food hygiene. 

▪ Direct all to keep a high standard of hygiene, uniform, manners and body language. 

Evaluation and Development 

▪ Support in the administration of biannual 360-Degree appraisals. 

▪ Develop internal career development plans for operational positions. 

Teambuilding and Culture 

▪ Develop teambuilding exercises for departments and inter-departments. 

▪ Develop and organize calendar teambuilding activities and events. 

▪ Encourage and build multicultural understanding and integration. 

▪ Develop our Voice of the Crew initiatives (creating multiple channels and platforms for our crew to share and express their issues, concerns and ideas). 

▪ Coordinating Employee of the Month and similar programs. 

▪ Assist in organizing, coordinating, budgeting and summarizing the actual expenditures of the resort anniversary ceremony, annual staff party, sport activities, CSR programs, etc. 

Leadership and Communication 

▪ Lead by example and practice what is preached in training. 

▪ Proactively look to reach and build personal trust and connections with all our crew. 

▪ Support all Departments in need to show the example of Working 360-Degrees. 

▪ Follow Our 12 Commitments to Our Crew 

▪ Serve as a link between management and staff by handling questions, interpreting, and administering contracts and helping resolve work related problems. 

▪ Lead in the communication and support in the administration of all Visa, Work Permit and all other critical and sensitive issues relating to crew’s Employment related issues. 


▪ High Level Emotional Intelligence. 

▪ Excellent people and communication skills. 

▪ Relevant experience to suit the position. 

▪ Experience in working in a multicultural setting. 

▪ Possess a passion for developing people. 

▪ Bachelor’s Degree in related field or management field. 

▪ High level computer skills. 

▪ Knowledge of the Thai Labor Law 

Salary:- In line with industry standards.

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