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Five Cool Marketing Strategies Hotels Can Adopt Post-Covid


  1. Virtual Reality Tours – If a potential customer can’t visit a hotel, then bring the hotel directly to the customer via a virtual tour. This can easily be done now, and at little cost to the hotel. A VR tour provides a hotels’ website visitor a digital yet personal point of view of their premises. This is extremely helpful in providing potential customers with a genuine feeling of the room they can book, or how big the swimming pool is.  It can also be used for travel agents in the luxury sector to understand the product better before advising their clients.

    Avani Luang Prabang

    Avani Luang Prabang

  2. Home From Home – After remaining at home for so long, people are eager to explore and meet with others. Many people do not want go to a hotel to feel like they are entering an airport. They want to feel safe but safety and cleanliness doesn’t mean excessive rules and regulations – especially at check-in. Oh, and a few more smiles might help also.
  3. Breakfast In Imaginative Locations – Visitors have been eating breakfast by the pool in Bali for years, so why not adopt this strategy for your hotel? Seating will be very limited in the breakfast room so other places in the hotel may need to be used. Buffets as we know them might be a thing of the past, and if they do go ahead, hotels may have to adopt a one in one out policy. Imagine queuing for breakfast for an hour and realising you had forgotten a Cumberland sausage.
  4. Promotion of Family Friendly Hotels:- Families will be key in bringing hotels back to life. However, they must look at providing larger rooms and more amenities such as family games as more time may be spent in-room. Games consoles and iPads could become a welcome addition for the kids.
  5. Contactless Check-In:- Contactless check-in will become more prevalent post-covid. Avani Hotels have already said they will be rolling out online pre-arrival check-in once they are up and running again. Cool apps like Fuel app will become more popular with independent hotels, and can also offer hotels contactless key cards via a mobile phone. Lobby areas and long check-in queues may become a thing of the past.
bangkok grand palace

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